What say about Dianne Hawkins

I found Dianne Hawkins especially interesting because i am interested in business so what she talked about greatly interested me.

The one thing that I will remember most for the rest of my life from this speaker would have to be don’t take no for an answer and fail to succeed

Having these speakers come and talk to us and we as an audience able to ask questions reflecting on their success as well as their personal life was a great time! It has made me more aware of that there is more than one way to be successful. .. think positively, and believe in myself.

The thing that stood out most to me with both speakers was that both of them had no real regrets. They had worked towards certain things in life and unexpected doors opened from everything they did, even the seemingly bad.

The two main ideas that stood out the most were, keep on trying even if you don’t succeed the first time. A job interview is like marketing yourself, and if you are not successful the first time go back and research more about the company. Find out what they like and present that in your abilities. The second idea that stood out was getting interested in jobs even in if it is a boring job that doesn’t pay much. Engage your customers and you might have similarities with them, you can learn form each other. It is always good to get another perspective, and be open minded to others. Learn from more experienced people as much as you can.