CSI: Lansdowne reflections – Oct 08

I feel that today was really interesting. I think Community School Interviews is such a great idea. I’m sure it really does help so many kids to develop better conversational skills and other skills as well.
Something that really stood out to me is how enthousiastic Mr.Bowers was about teaching it to us. It’s so much more exciting to learn if the teacher is excited to teach, and I think Mr.Bowers’ enthousiasm encourages the kids to involve themselves more and ask more questions.
I like how it’s split up into 2 sessions, because i think it allows students to take it in more.
I’m excited for the second session!

It was stimulating to try and think up questions to ask the 4 speakers today.  Up until now, I had no idea how questions are so important and can lead to such great conversations. I’ll definitely keep this in mind in the future; how to learn so much more about people just by the questions you ask.
I’m looking forward to when the speakers come next week and hearing their ideas and what they’re trying to do for the environment or to end poverty. Those are two subjects which hold a great deal of fascination for me, being such important issues in our world right now.