Teachers and administrators say:

“This process, this activity, not only connects students, it connects the school to its community. Strong school communities should be integral, vibrant participants in their general community”

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be involved in the project. I have been getting lots of good feedback from my students. I think now that I have been through the process, I would be able to better set it up with my classes – for eg. my expectations for their on task behaviour, and their participation in the process (active and not passive) They got to see a divergent group of speakers, and seeing the differences was valuable.

Students say

The process has been quite a different experience. We got a chance to be the interviewers. We were given the power to pry, to assess the presentations of adult professionals. Now that’s new, backwards, and refreshing. I enjoyed the experience, the process, as a whole, was an excellent source of different passions and perspectives.

This whole program was a truly amazing experience, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of taking it. Hopefully someday I will be able to use all the knowledge I reaped from this experience, and maybe even do the whole process over again as I feel I learned many things about myself.

I learned not only directly, but indirectly as well. I was really “turned on” by presenters who opened up, said ridiculous things.

Speakers say
Public education needs reforms to engage those “special” students who are destined to be the next Steve Jobs (if properly engaged).I love being part of the change.

I am very impressed with CSI. I have been showing it off to some of my friends, and telling them about my experience. I can’t help but share; it was a very exciting experience. I sometimes become discouraged with present youth, but the questions kicked me over the top. I’m glad that some students sounded genuinely motivated and enriched… and that it was not just myself. Seeing the their desire to do, expand and lead, as well as listening to the other presentations definitely motivated me.

Christopher Bowers is a great agent in getting you before high school audiences to talk about what is important to you.  It is a great experience because it is like a fishbowl coaching session and the result is a clearer sense of self and priorities.

Parents say:

Thank you, Christopher for the opportunity to see CSI in action. You are doing some amazing things… I’ll support you in any way I can!

Our daughter is quite a fan of Elizabeth May… and the other Eco leaders at the school.  Having these role models reinforcing what we teach at home has been critical