Rebecca Berry

Ideas students learned from Rebecca


What is one major event you’ve hosted?
What inspired you to become an events manager?
How has karma affected you and your career?
What type of risks have to taken to become where you are today?
What worried you the most about taking risks?
How did you get involved?
What risks do you take?
What did you do to get noticed?
Why did you come back to Campbell River?
How did your job make you feel?
In what ways has karma worked for you?
How did you make it out of Campbell River?
What’s it like working in Whistler?
How do you keep such a positive attitude?
What inspired you to take a different direction?
How hard was it to set up a conference in Africa?
What makes you believe that good things happen?
How did you go from being a receptionist to being an event coordinator?
How did you stay motivated during the transition?
What difficulties did you have?
How many people do you meet in a day?
What kind of risks did you take?
What good things have come from changing?
What major event did you host?
What inspired you to become an events coordinator?