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In her career Dallas Chapple won luxury cars for reaching goals, led a team of 75 women, and has been a strategic planning consultant for the president of the CBC Her university courses included work on a PhD at the Sorbonne in Paris while working for UNESCO during the day, not to mention taking language courses. Beside being a compulsive high performer in her field she has insights on what it takes to have a wonderful relationship. She is currently one of the highest performing realtors in Victoria

Sam Sihota attended private schools in India where she began at 3 years of age and received her BA in Political Science at the age of 19. She immigrated to Victoria shortly after and was married to someone chosen by her family. She worked as a chamber maid for 11 months at the Empress. Along with raising two children and maintaining a marriage, she later worked as a Nurse’s Aid until hearing of a training course that changed her life . Explore fresh ideas about leaving home, overcoming personal challenges, starting a new life and achieving and maintaining success as top selling realtor