Politics and public service

Christopher Causton, Mayor

Christopher has been the Mayor of Oak Bay since 1996 – prior to his election as Mayor, he served for nine years as a Councillor. Born and educated in the United Kingdom, he has specialized in the hospitality field in Victoria and Seattle since 1972, and owned Rattenbury’s Restaurant from 1980-1996. Christopher is married, with two children.

He has been described as a model politician, always on Oak Bay Ave, or talking in coffee shops. He takes an interest in many people and issues and is easily approachable.

Christopher is a Director on the Board of BC Transit, Chair of the Capital Regional District Parks, Chair, Oak Bay Police Board, Chair, Len Traboulay Education Fund Committee, Vice-Chair, Association of Vancouver Island Coastal Communities, Director, Capital Regional District, Director, Victoria Transit Commission, Director Union of British Columbia Municipalities, Director of Municipal Insurance Association, member of the Regional Transportation Advisory Committee and a Rotarian with the Harbourside Club since 1984. < Sharing stories of a local hero>

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Lynn Nash has been an educator and businessman, senior management of large organization as well as the mayor of a small town. His careers have seen him work from Baffin Island to Vancouver Island, from long haul trucking to personnel management.. ,.. During that time he has also helped others change their careers and lives. He has insights into life, education, career development. He knew within 20 seconds of a job interview if the candidate had what it took to be a successful fit for the organization.Get a rare look at careers from someone who is always willing to look outside the box. …… read what students say about his interviews

Rob Reid – Marathon Man, Entrepreneur, Community Volunteer and Activist
Rob runs marathons, businesses and he even ran for mayor of Victoria in the fall of 2008. A volunteer extraordinaire, Rob volunteers in a number of community and national organizations, including the United Way Cabinet, the Pacific Sports Board, the Victoria Community Council and the Terry fox Foundation to name a few. Rob has been a volunteer board member of the Royal Victoria Marathon Society for 20 years and it’s Race Director for eleven years. Whether in business or the community Rob is always looking for creative ways to make a difference locally and globally. He founded the Runners of Compassion Society and is involved several ways in seeking creative solutions for creating homefulness.
Rob is married, and has four children. His hobbies include running and canoeing.

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