Law enforcement

Mike Tresoor has been with the RCMP in various capacities for 28 years. He’s worked in small towns and large cities from undercover to traffic, from being the only officer in town to being the watch commander of a detachment.  He gives students a rare opportunity to understand what officers face each day of their careers, and what it takes to solve the range of problems a member of the Force can encounter.  He shoots from the hip in his answers, and pulls no punches in sharing his challenges, victories and decisions he’s had to make in his career, even before he decided to try to become an officer.
Tammy Douglas’ career with the RCMP started twelve years ago by volunteering with the auxiliary force for six years. She is a people-person who preferred jobs that didn’t’t have her stuck in an office. ‘General duty’ mean that she can never know what the next day or hour may bring. Whether if it’s in a helicopter, the back of a truck, in her car, or on the street she is always using her blend of skills, knowledge, experience and sense of humour to address the needs of the situation at hand. She talks about finding the confidence and using her intuition to step into the unknown dangers she faces every day. .. read what students say about her
Stephanie Bond is a success story from a small town. Her biggest accomplishment was to become an officer in the RCMP. Along the way she’s excelled in athletics, including being part of the NY State Women’s Hockey Team, worked in a group home and completed her university thanks in part to a hockey scholarship. Her daily duties on the force, requires her to respond to ‘great big world of everything. ‘ Despite her work load, her wish to help people and intent to be the best she can be whatever she is doing, makes for a great conversation.   She credits her success to her family which she sees as  foundation for everything she’s taken on.  Learn how she has shaped her life and continues to deal with the challenges life and work in the North Island brings to her every day. (Read what students said about her presentation.)
Scott  Hilderley Everyone has a story, and Constable Hilderley’s  has some surprising twists. He’s been in police work  for about 30 years. His beat has ranged from Moscow, Russia to to Victoria, BC. His career highlights come from his work with youth, where he feels he can make  the greatest impact on someone’s life.. He has overcome challenges along the way, not the least of which was being picked on because of his small stature when he was in high school. His high performance  also includes Iron Man Triathalons  competitions which he enters to help raise money for good ca uses..