Hospitalility and tourism services

Nikki Bee, UVic Student in Business and Economics,  world traveller.
Nikki has travelled and worked in a number of places in the world. She has worked in  tourism-related fields and is well positioned to talk about opportunities and challenges for youth in the industry today.
  • Dealing with surprises
  • Choosing your destination and getting there
  • Challenges for travellers
  • Making the customer’s day
  • Goals and rewards
Mike Colwill
To Mike Colwill, a young businessman and entrepreneur, life has been totally spontaneous. Things just worked out positive in his life. He credits this to his parents’ positive approach to life:.. “Bad news/good news”.–. be able to spin something good .. out of any bad situation.‘ My dad had a stroke. Just look at all the good that came out of that!.’ He loved his high school years, especially grade 11 / 12. which was the highlight of his education. He developed a great group of friends. That’s the most important thing.” If I went back I wouldn’t waste my time on doing better academically Success is based on people. Hig school is all about developing people skills. You have to go to awkward situations,. when you don’t know anyone there. That’s where you learn and grow.”
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Meaghan Cursons
Meaghan Cursons is currently Manager of Comox Valley Tourism. Her list of community involvement is vast and includes being associate producer, marketing manager and stage crew coordinator for Vancouver IslandMusicFest.. Her ability to work with others, coordinate and manage projects and think big, results in  her being  in constant demand from  a wide range of  organizations .She is considered one of the most inspirational speakers in the area.  Her high energy and creative passions have also led to her role as singer in the Valley rock band, Big Red Truck. Whether it’s politics , the arts or community, Meaghan  continues to help make the Valley a wonderful place to live. What students say about Meaghan

Sam Jones stands out is so many ways. He’s a chef, dreamer, entrepreneur, spokesperson, teacher, leader, manager, raconteur, adventurer. He helped put Victoria on the world coffee map. While owning one restaurant, he also is a major partner in Discovery Coffee, a thriving new shop in downtown Victoria where he’s in charge of the coffee program. .. He also helps other independent businesses train their employees how to make a drink with passion and caring. Customers at Discovery Coffee are also welcome to come to workshops to improve their drinks. All of this instruction is free of charge. Sam is trying to turn people to see coffee as a culinary art. ‘I want them to see the hours and time to make that cup of coffee. How has that cup got from Kenya to Victoria. How does it taste good. It’s educating them to a process of what they are consuming..’ He brings the same passion to his interviewing prospective employees

Christopher Mellet
Christopher’s passion for travel has led him participate in international exchange programs both during high school and university while pursuing a business degree from UVic. He now speaks 4 languages and spent 5 years in Mexico managing a dive resort. For the past 5 years he has dedicated his energies to viewing and helping save the Southern Resident Killer Whales. His passion for the whales and customer service contribute to Eagle Wing’s ranking as the #1 whale watching company in Victoria.

Interview Themes:
Advantages and challenges of being carbon neutral – doing the right thing (but also being unique)
– fighting green-washing
Business skills in tourism
– competitive advantage
– the customer value proposition

Becoming and staying #1 in your field

– what are you selling and how do you guarantee it?
– happy customers are loyal customers

Keeping it fresh, day after day.
– make every experience a unique experience
Rob Fawcett, Fawcett & Company Cycling Expeditions

After years of running successful cycling tours and expeditions for leading tour companies around the world, he decided to take the leap and start his own company.
Fawcett & Company runs off-road cycling expeditions because that is what Rob loves to do. Rob strongly believes that the mountain bike is the perfect vehicle to take you places you couldn’t otherwise go. In 2005-2006, Rob rode his bicycle around the world.  Fawcett & Company is a continuation of that journey – to see how far a bicycle can take you.

Interview Themes:

Keys to success in founding the VICF (
Challenges in taking an idea out of town, or across the world
Economic benefits of cycling  events
Focussing your energy
Avoiding burnout