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Clinical Psychologist

In her career Tara Ney had a number of changes, transitions and eye-opening experiences. After a number of years working as a clinical psychologist in hospitals, mental health, and the court system, she found herself looking for ‘something more.’ Her professional work didn’t’t make any sense to her. This led her to return to university to complete another graduate degree at UVic, where she now teaches and researches. She was trying to get out of the box that she had built. She took advantage of the an opportunity to work with CIDA sponsored projects in Bosnia. In Bosnia her efforts are aimed at supporting individuals and organizations to heal from the distresses and traumas of the war, making sense of issues many of us will only read about. This work forces her to think and look at life here in new ways .

Medical student
Ian Garber stood out from the crowd since he was in grade one in a small town on Vancouver Island. . Now at UBC his interests include rock climbing, mountaineering, high-altitude trekking, spelunking, distance running, mountain biking, capoeira (a Brazilian martial art), international travel, environmental and social activism, independent and experimental film and music, reading. “ In between working hard towards my goal of becoming a doctor, I’ve managed to fit in everything from outdoor sports and running marathons, to international travel and cultural experiences, to volunteering in my community and even hosting my own radio show.” Learn about his incredible adventures, the risks he’s taken and how he’s not only survived but excelled.

Pediatric Nurse

Bridgit Peer
After raising three remarkable children, she received two university degrees at no cost to her. She went on to become a pediatric nurse. She now spends part of each year in Africa teaching pediatric nursing. Her stories range from volunteering or working in Antarctica to Europe.

Nursing Consultant

Mandia Vandon is a remarkable presence. Born in Jamaica and now living in Victoria, she works internationally as a nursing consultant, helping with training and healing. While she has run into several major set backs in her personal life she says she never has challenges. “I have opportunities Seeing them in this way, there is always an answer. Challenges may appear insurmountable. Seeing opportunities in this way gives me another instance to realize God is control.” She loves her work as nurse because it is always fresh ‘ “For me my nursing is always fresh. Fresh because of my love of people. I nurse an individual not symptoms.”


Marissa Bentham is a chiropractor and a true advocate for health & wellness. Marissa & her husband, Craig, have a vision for educating and empowering their community to make healthier lifestyle choices. Together, they opened their first wellness centre in the San Francisco Bay Area where Marissa was also a member of the San Francisco 49ers ?gGold Rush?h cheerleaders. Looking to make a shift in their lives, the Benthams moved from California to North Saanich in 2005, where they opened a new wellness centre and started a family. Marissa believes in the importance of dreaming big and following your heart and looks at each experience in life as a chance to learn more about yourself. Her greatest joy in life comes from being a mom and being inspired by her kids.
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For Susan Stenson life is all about the choices we make. She’s found ways to have wonderful adventures, take on personal and professional challenges and thrive through all of them. Looking at her profile gives a new meaning to the term, ” full time job’. Meet a modern day pioneer whose passion for life, love and business can be an inspiration to everyone.