Fine arts

Robert Moon
Society is set up so there’s a place for us. It needs you. There’s a room for you to find it. We’re social beings. We need each other. Robert Moon has been active in many aspects of the arts throughout his life including supervising special effects for the movies, teaching art classes and creating his own art. One of his pieces is in the Museum of Modern Art in New York . In addition to his art he plays an active part in helping others in his community. His work with the Crisis Line is one of his life highlights. He has helpful tips for mastering any area of interest in one’s life

Sarah Colwill
is one of the most postive people you will meet. Not that her life has been without challenges. Her sense of humour, artistic flair, attention to detail and communication skills have seen her thrive wherever she has travelled throughout the world. She is currently part of the ownership group of the Fernwood Inn , owner  of Boo To You Designs as well as on the Board of the Royal Road University Foundation. < read what students said>

Val Lamie
l is a Fine Arts and English degree graduate from the University of BC. Her art work is striking . Her passion is Aesthetics: and the way things fall together. She writes, “The modern age, urban societies, and the force of popular culture all contribute to the way my artwork is shaped. Through
sculpture, print, and painting, I have been able to communicate my messages and commentaries on the society which I am part of to the generation in which I belong. The freedom to emancipate the peculiar
ideas in my head onto a material, visible stage has been the greatest liberation, yet the ability to materialize those ideas has been the greatest challenge. My art is timely, and is destined to change with the
environment around me.’ Since graduating, her focus is finding her path, her direction, while still putting food on the table. Explore those urban trends and ideas that twenty-somethings are seeing and wondering about.