Environment and Sustainability

Working to change the world

Ann Baird

Ann Baird has a passion for applied sustainability which has come from merging her knowledge of biological systems (BSc) with her years of financial management. She creates workable visions and has the practical skills to implement them. Together with her husband, two kids, and her parents, they have created a truly sustainable, affordable, cob home that functions as part of nature. Their earthen home incorporates solar panels, composting toilets, rain water harvesting, a living roof, earthen floors, home made paints, recycled materials, and big changes in how they use energy and water. We need to re-learn how to live with nature and feel connected to our environment. < Ann talks about building a COB home>

Sustainable Building
Lifestyle choices (Less Life Stuff…More Life Style)
Affordable local housing (If it’s not affordable…it’s not sustainable)
Solar energy
Zero waste (waste is a human concept and does not exist in nature)
Living in balance with nature
Education and inspiration

Anne-marie Daniel

Anne-Marie Daniel is a mother, an artisan , a mediator and a community organizer. She got her first degree in set costume and lighting design.  As a mediator she has helped resolve conflicts in businesses, families, communities. In 2000 she moved to the Isle of Skye, Scotland to work with youth in developing their leadership abilities and also helped create a museum in the environment which has helped locals and tourists to learn more about the place they live and feel connected. Overall she’s an idea person, bursting with projects she’d like to take to the next step. Her major concern is closing the loop on garbage and pollution so that we can keep our land, air and water healthy for generations to come. She continues to look for new ways to keep important issues in the public eye by creating fun opportunities for people to learn about themselves and their planet.

Revolution in a generation
Following through on dreams
Working internationally from your home town

Getting an idea and going for it with passion


Jordan Fisher –Sustainability Consultant details, bio, themes, interview

Tanis Gower

Tanis is an environmental biologist with a passion to protect the environment. She has travelled to many places and thinks about the big picture as she works on the details in her job with Capital Regional District.. One of her main projects is the restoration of Bowker Creek. She helps local governments and others institution work together to improve the environment. < View an Interview > < what students say about Tanis>

Briony Penn: activist, writer, professor

Briony loves nature and her community. She loves gumboot dancing, drawing, and hiking on the coast with two boys who are 13 and 17. She is an activist/politician/writer so that she can be a voice for these things she loves.

She is something like the canary in the mine, in terms of knowing what issues are on the horizon but no one can see. She written about them and drawn them. She?’s been involved with beginning of the Land Conservancy and the Galloping Goose Trail She is on the vanguard of important community initiatives.

Matthew Kemshaw

Matthew is a passionate community activist who (with lots of his friends) is working with local schools, governments and city park officials to encourage the application of design principles that mimic natural systems and support functional productive ecologies. This means that Matthew is always trying to plant useful trees, shrubs, herbs and vegetables in public places where everyone can benefit from them. He gardens in: 14 schools, 3 Mental Health and Addictions Facilities, 1 Adult Education Center, 1 big community Food Forest, and in some places where you’re not actually supposed to plant things (don’t tell anyone).



Copying Natural Systems
Living off (or with) the Land
a Revolution Disguised as Gardening
Everything is One

Jim McIsaac –Environmental Advocate with T Buck Suzuki Foundation
is a father, a fishermen, a philosopher, an environmentalist and a realist. Overall he’s a solutions person, always strategizing and looking for the next step. His major concern is pollution and the next generations, we are killing the planet and need to leave it healthy for our children; “If we wait for all the studies to come in before we act there will be nothing left.” As an environmentalist Jim was tasked with tackling the impasse over Victoria’s lack of sewage treatment. Jim has been working closely with Stephen Salter to promote integrated resource recovery as a cornerstone for sewage treatment in the region.

< What students said>

Keeping our water clean
Working for change
Reusing our waste
Fitting everything in

Kees Schaddelee –Innovator, Bio fuels expert

Kees is a father of two, an environmentalist, a surfer, a swimmer, a pioneer of the BC biodiesel industry, and more recently a healthy eating activist. Kees is a Victoria native who gained much of his knowledge through life experiences such as travelling to Central and South America for two years. His background with biodiesel started 5 years ago when he and two partners started a biodiesel consulting firm performing feasibility studies and market development projects. More recently Kees joined Island based Columbia Fuels as their biofuels expert to help them become Canada’s largest biodiesel distributor. Kees’ interest in sustainability continually challenges him to pursue the most sustainable fuel options available. Kees has been producing and running pure biodiesel made from used cooking oil in his own vehicle for 5 years.


The ins and outs of biofuels
Value of life experiences
Pursuing your passions
You are what you eat – the raw food diet

Maria St. Amand –Teacher

Maria St. Amand juggles being a mother, a teacher, and an environmentalist. In 2007, she watched Al Gore?fs movie, The Inconvenient Truth. This really shook her up when she realized that the life style we all enjoy could be seriously altered due to global warming. She rallied her students from McTavish school and had them attend a School Board Meeting where they presented to the Board 25 reasons why it would be a good idea to make District 63 an Idle Free Zone. The trustees agreed and implemented an Idle Free Zone policy. Then in 2008, Maria?fs students entered a contest with Quantum-Shift. It was very exciting as people got to vote for us on line and we won! Our video showed how we recycled all kinds of plastics\plastics that are not accepted in the blue box. This reduced our garbage tremendously. We even opened up a depot where folks can bring their plastics once a month. Maria continues to work on environmental projects at her school. . <Maria St Amand’s story >

<What students appreciated in her interview>

Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb is an activist, a mom and a Sustainability Professional. She works with students, faculty, staff and community members to help make the University of Victoria a leader in sustainability in teaching, research, operations and partnerships. Sarah has a diverse background in both the non-profit and private sector working on issues that relate to green, healthy communities. After moving to Victoria from Whistler in 1998, Sarah fell in love with the region and its inspiring communities. She loves the outdoors, is an avid commuter cyclist, and aims to live simply in a complex world.


Helping people to understand complex issues like climate change.

Creating effective partnerships to help make the world a better place.
Getting work experience and expanding skills.
Creating change in the community.

Philippe Rouget is the executive director and co-founder of the Coastal Wildlife Research Foundation. He has a long-standing interest in marine ecology and conservation biology with an emphasis on marine mammal studies. He competed a master’s degree in behavioural ecology at the University of New Brunswick, where his research focused on the underwater vocal behavior of Weddell seals in Antarctica. In 2001, he served as the resident wintering scientist at Mawson Station, the Australian Antarctic Division’s research base in Eastern Antarctica, as part of the 51st Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition. More recently, his role as a research scientist for several marine mammal monitoring and mitigation projects around the world have led him to work with several of the world’s most endangered whales, including blue, bowhead and humpback whales. In total, he has completed over 20 expeditions to the Antarctic and has lectured on his work at a number of zoological symposiums, conferences and universities worldwide.

Alicia Taylor

To understand the places Alicia has gone and the work she has done, it might be important to know that she is above all, curious: curious what makes the world go round, and curios how to live more lightly on the earth. She spends many hours at a Fair Trade Organization understanding how to ease poverty in developing countries through Fair Trade and spends just as many hours learning how to grow her own food and how to educate and communicate environmentally responsible behavior. She is a grad student at Royal Roads University, an employee of Level Ground Trading, and a member of many food security and community organizations.

Randyn Sebold

Randyn is an old soul that refuses to grow up. Raised as a neo-hippie country bumpkin in the mountains north of Whistler, he moved to Nanaimo when he was sixteen, and went on a enviro-punk rampage, planting trees and volunteering in all directions. He spent some time playing in a crazy noise band too, for relaxation.
Over the past few years he’s lived in Victoria and Vancouver, with a stint in Campbell River , making him a true Islander. Yes he does participate on Facebook.
He currently lives in Victoria and is launching his own green energy business, called Renewable Recruits, which helps students and workers get training in the not very ancient art of Climate Change combat.

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