Emergency response

80% of fire fighters are adrenaline junkies

Greg Betters shows that there is more than one way to learn, move ahead and get better at what you do. Sitting in ‘the room’ with The Great One is just one of his memorable experiences with people. He also counts those tough road bus trips between hockey games in the Eastern League. Adversity and challenge have helped him become a player on teams that trusts each others’ lives to their mates. His insights about work, personal development and dealing with danger and the unknown can open our eyes to look at our own career and life in a new way.

Fire fighter

Cliff Kennell loves the adrenaline rush that comes with his job. While he’s been involved with sports since he was a kid, just after high school he met a family who loved bike racing. The impact of their role modeling and his subsequent career in racing changed his life. His ‘day job’ is with the City of Victoria Fire Department. He also is personal trainer for athletes, including the #1 Iron Man in Canada..

He brings stories of team work, personal improvement and personal trauma with an intensity that few us have experienced.< Read what students said> See an interview