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Maria St. Amand –Teacher

Maria St. Amand juggles being a mother, a teacher, and an environmentalist. In 2007, she watched Al Gore?fs movie, The Inconvenient Truth. This really shook her up when she realized that the life style we all enjoy could be seriously altered due to global warming. She rallied her students from McTavish school and had them attend a School Board Meeting where they presented to the Board 25 reasons why it would be a good idea to make District 63 an Idle Free Zone. The trustees agreed and implemented an Idle Free Zone policy. Then in 2008, Maria?fs students entered a contest with Quantum-Shift. It was very exciting as people got to vote for us on line and we won! Our video showed how we recycled all kinds of plastics\plastics that are not accepted in the blue box. This reduced our garbage tremendously. We even opened up a depot where folks can bring their plastics once a month. Maria continues to work on environmental projects at her school. .


Taking on big projects ( eg, The Monthly Depot)

HOPE for the future

Power of one

Making learning real

Dave Allen, Teacher, former Chef
You can learn alot about someone from knowing who their heroes are. Dave Allen’s was Captain James Cook. Dave Allan’s life has a story line that few people could have imagined,, or imagined prospering in. He sees challenges as opportunities to grow and learn from. He points out the ways that others have helped him and how he has dedicated his teaching career now to helping and engaging youth. His sense of adventure and love of people is infectious. One of his keys to success is seeing the glass half full. What students say

Terry Stafford has written and illustrated a number of children’s books. But’s there’s more to her than that. Terry was a pioneer in home schooling in BC. She’s won awards for her work, which is now in school libraries and listed in the Ministry of Education’s recommended books for BC Studies and school libraries. Her expertise extends to parenting and writing. Her work at international conferences includes presenting and design of recreational space. She has just opened an educational enrichment centre for home schooling students. fe

Linda Clement’s lifelong fascination with people and understanding them has led to her building a broad base of experience and knowledge in human psychological development throughout life. She currently uses all this information and more in her home based business, supporting parents who need or want to understand their kids from birth to adulthood, as well as her volunteer work with breastfeeding mothers. With a very strong underlying philosophy that human beings are essentially good, and what feels best is probably the best thing for them, she supports teens in speaking their reality, parents in becoming effective and understanding their kids through honouring them and their inherent goodness, and in empowering people to find the faith they need in themselves and others to relax into a peaceful and prosperous life. Brilliant and challenging of some very basic beliefs about people and our world, she is a radical thinker always firmly on the side of the rational human factor.

Keven Elder This school superintendent is a memorable experience to have in the classroom.
“My career has been characterized by trying to make as much difference as I could, in as wide an arena as I could. While I know that I could have been equally happy teaching for 35 years, there was something that drew me to broadening my horizons. I wanted to be the best teacher I could be (secondary Physics and Math), then as someone heavily involved in the life of the school through athletics and student leadership, I saw administration as a viable and enticing option. I look forward to talking to anyone, or to any group of any size, as I often do, about those joys and challenges, about public education and its importance to a stable democratic society, about organizational excellence, about change, or whatever interests you. ”

Doug Puritch

Growing up in James Bay in the 50’s presented many challenges. Our speaker rose to master them to become captain of the UVic soccer team and is currently a coach and counsellor..He shares stories of growing up in a working class family, breaking the mold at high school , traveling in Europe behind the Iron Curtain, and building life long friendships that all contributed to his success. He’s been a champion on a number of fronts and has helped others get there too. His humorous and poignant interview touches the full range of students – from the academically gifted to the at -risk leaner.(Select Puritch) …Read what students say

Brenda McBride
One of the points of an education is to find a niche — a satisfying occupation, or vocation — or career. She runs the Co-Op program for a community college. Creating our future can be seen as a challenge or an opportunity. Explore the process with someone who has helped students find their niche and along the way continues to explore possibilities in many aspects of her own life.

Michelle Dunn is well on her way to her 5th career..Her life is rich in curiosity, adventure, learning and helping others in their quest for excellence and balance. Her high performance includes sports, education,leadership, volunteerism ( crisis centre) and personal and corporate coaching While many would have already chosen one of her previous careers and slowed down, she has continued to look for ways to work to help others all over the world, along with the joys and challenges of raising two young sons.

As an athlete , teacher and coach Drew Gallacher has faced many learning and physical challenges , including a broken neck. He found ways to overcome these. He is passionate about teaching and coaching, motivating and inspiring youth to ‘be perfect’, to look at what is preventing them from being the best that they can be, and become top performers in their own way. For 48 hours after his accident he could not feel his legs. He calls this a life changing period in his life. Your session with him may very well give you insights that will change your life and make you look at dealing with adversity in a whole new way.

Tom Williamson , District Coordinator for Career Programs, adds value to students lives and skills. Part of this includes being the Hockey Operator of 2 Hockey Canada Skills Academies in his school district. He also runs in conjunction with the RCMP a Youth Academy that runs 7 full days in the spring that mirrors the “Regina Depot.” They also run a number of other innovative Career Programs. He’s been a member of championship teams and the recipient of an athletic scholarship that helped him get into university. He was invited to the training camp of the Ottawa Senators of the World Hockey Association . With the arrival of his 4 children, his life focus changed direction, although he continues to coach rep hockey teams.

John Young, an educator and businessman, is a maverick, one of a kind in the adventures and causes he’s taken up during his decades of public service. His career has ranged from teaching French in the BC Interior to delivering babies in the jungles of Borneo. He’s an ardent advocate for those who have no one to represent them in society. His exploits are almost mythical if not legendary. Anyone who has ever met him will have a story to tell. He has countless stories of taking on remarkable causes, jumping into adventures that few others would even contemplate.

For Susan Stenson life is all about the choices we make. She’s found ways to have wonderful adventures, take on personal and professional challenges and thrive through all of them. Looking at her profile gives a new meaning to the term, ” full time job’. Meet a modern day pioneer whose passion for life, love and business can be an inspiration to everyone.

Leah Baron has gone through many changes in her life. A free spirit, she’s traveled to many different places in the world. Her work, volunteerism and interests center around a number of themes: mothers and babies, AIDS education and world peace. Her flexibility and love for people has helped her clarify and secure her future. < Read what students said>

Tony Embleton

Tony Embleton has been a life-long educator and leader. Throughout his professional career he asked important questions including, “What should be done” and ” What is my vision” and then found the resources to act on them. His volunteer activities ranged from teaching sailing to wilderness preservation. As his father’s job caused the family to move every three years, he learned to rely on his own thoughts and opinions to achieve his goals. This helped him to create a vision that lead others to accomplish their goals