Fashion and Design


Susi McMillan

Susi McMillan experienced being on top of her career as an event manager in Germany, followed her heart and dreams, traveled around the world , connected to nature, found the love of her life in Australia, moved to another continent, created her own artistic company with her husband in Canada and the biggest, gave birth to her children. Her passion in life is health and nature, which comes in all different shapes and sizes. She loves to get others motivated and exited for taking a stand for what’s important to them, especially kids. Because one day all the big leaders in the world…. were a child. Something a lot of people don’t know… She is also a face painter who turns kids into eagels, wolves, cats and butterflies and gets inspired by their true love for life and imagination.


Follow dreams
Courage to change
Using personal talents and gifts for a bigger purpose than myself
Creating community and the power which comes with it.

Christine Lavdosky
This young fashion designer, who spent part of her high school days at Claremont, has experienced a lot since she last lived in Victoria. Athletics opened up many doors including rowing scholarships to Brentwood School and Princeton University.
While getting a degree in Art History she competed for and won a position at an investment firm in Chicago. She’s left that career ( with its substantial salary) to start her own fashion business in Victoria. Here’s an opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities of being ‘out there’ where much is learned and gained from talking and taking an interest in as many people as possible. Learn what it takes to be a winner in whatever you’re interested in.

Teneille Hopp

Teneille Hopp is doing what many people only hope, but rarely actually do: start her own business in a small town. She left her home in Terrace when she was 18 and moved to an upscale neighbourhood in Vancouver. There her community became centered around some international home stay students. She loved the new influences and ways of looking at the world. She went on to work and manage restaurants, take a flight attendant course and eventually leave Vancouver to settle in Cumberland. She has now started her own fashion boutique. She continues her passion for the outdoors as well her position with the fashion police.

Ann McGregor

Ann McGregor has had a number of close encounters with death. Her first saw her revive after being underwater for twenty minutes when she was four. That experience forever changed her attitude and perspective on life. It separated her from the unnecessary turmoil of life growing up. She challenged all boundaries set by others, and saw no reason to limit herself. Every life experience is a new challenge. She is an entrepreneur and has been self employed in a number of ventures, primarily as an interior decorator. She has much to be grateful for.