CSI-Arbitration, mediation and conciliation

To reach common understandings on contentious issues

Lawyer , Judge

Greg Forsyth While no one in his family was involved in the legal profession, he decided in grade seven that he wanted to become a lawyer. He was able to combine his two chief interests: flying and law through being part of Air Force Reserves while attending university. He went on to become a judge for twenty –three years. After leaving the bench he returned to his law firm where he does mediation and arbitration, as well as acting as a mentor to other lawyers in the firm. Learn how he developed and maintained the habit of never looking back, of making a decision and sticking with it.

Monique Shebbeare is a lawyer who combines a warm and compassionate approach with rigorous legal analysis and advocacy. She provides services to clients in the areas of wills and estates, elder law and resolution of family disputes. Monique did her legal training at the University of Toronto and has practised with a national law firm. She recently moved back to her home province of British Columbia and joined the Victoria law firm Berge Hart Cassels.
Kel Kelly — In our changing world there is something that remains a constant, we need to get along, to resolve differences of opinion, to reach common understandings on contentious issues. . This guest’s work as a mediator for twenty years has seen him play many roles in the Comox Valley and beyond. He works to help individuals , groups and businesses solve their disputes. His deep interest in people living and working together harmoniously has led him into politics, music and sustainable living, in the Valley and India, where his current project is building his own home in a tribal village. ( Read what students say about his presentations)
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Restorative Justice

Carole Kenway has over 30 years of teaching experience from kindergarten to university in various places around the world. As an International traveler, she traveled around the world twice ) she began teaching grade 3 in my home town of Merrimac, New Hampshire.USA
She joined Peace Corps. She taught teachers a method of teaching English as a second language at the central school and 10 barrio schools in Barilli, CebuPhilippines. Some of the schools were a days hike away so she would sleep in the school.She works on social and restorative justice projects. Both programs are based on the belief:- that it takes a community to raise a child – to change the belief that punishment as a response to wrong doing is seen as the most appropriate response to crime to wrongdoing in schools, families and workplaces, to the belief in social control defined as discipline, limit setting and support in restoring the harm that has been done.