Social Studies 11 at Claremont in May 27 and 28th

The Better the Question the Better the Story: Overcoming Challenges, Exploring New Possibilities

Guest 1 Christine Lavdosky –Entrepreneur, designer

This young fashion designer, who spent part of her high school days at Claremont, has experienced a lot since she last lived in Victoria. Athletics opened up many doors including rowing scholarships to Brentwood School and Princeton University.
While getting a degree in Art History she competed for and won a position at an investment firm in Chicago. She’s left that career ( with its substantial salary) to start her own fashion business in Victoria. Here’s an opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities of being ‘out there’ where much is learned and gained from talking and taking an interest in as many people as possible. Learn what it takes to be a winner in whatever you’re interested in.

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High focus

Fear of success, fear of failure
Showing interest in others
Shifts and changes in my life
Finding the balance

Guest #2 Cliff Kennell -Personal Trainer/ Fire Fighter

Cliff Kennell loves the adrenaline rush that comes with his job. While he’s been involved with sports since he was a kid, just after high school he met a family who loved bike racing. The impact of their role modeling and his subsequent career in racing changed his life. His ‘day job’ is with the City of Victoria Fire Department. He also is personal trainer for athletes, including the #1 Iron Man in Canada..He brings stories of team work, personal improvement and personal trauma with an intensity that few of us have experienced. < view an earlier interview and student comments.><read his CSI biography>

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Adrenaline Rushes
Goal setting
Role models
Dealing with danger
Helping others be their best


Guest #3 From local club play to sports at the international level to event management for Sports BC
Chris Trenholme is a full-time Event Manager with a multi-sport games agency in British Columbia, an international level badminton player, and a former U.S. National Team Coach and Manager. This born-and- raised Victorian has lived, worked, and experienced sport around the world. After completing the last semester of his University of Victoria Leisure Service Administration Degree by correspondence while in Gothenburg, Sweden, he went on to work for USA Badminton, USA Field Hockey, and USA Wrestling, before coming back to Victoria to “re-pursue” his athletic career as a top men’s singles badminton player. Since 2001, he has worked as one of five Event Managers for the BC Games Society while maintaining a tough training, travel and competition schedule as an athlete. Here’s an opportunity to find out about high performance in sport and life, turning interests and pursuits into career opportunities, and how to define yourself as a whole individual–not just by your job title.


High performance
Advantages of co-op programs
Motivation – the drive to self improvement
Being number one in a field
How to make a life out of your number one interest