What students said about Anne-Marie at Bayside 2010

I think that Anne-Marie was the most up-beat person. She seemed like she realy cared about her job, and she had a passion for it. I think the quality i liked about her the most was that she didn’t realy look at her job as a job, but as an opportunity.

Her presentation was pretty cool because she made hats to use in the nature.But also she talked about dreams, and making them happen.. but of course not all your dreams will come true, but having them is also important.


She taught us that when you set your mind to something your dream will come true.


I know what it fells like to move to a totaly diffrent place

I really like how you make it fun doing good things for the earth.

Like planning fun activities.

Anne-Marie is awe-inspiring what with all her enthusiasm and helpful info. It’s obvious that she likes what she does!


I love how Anne -Marie made those wonder ull hats out of recycled fabric! It shows that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Her presentation made lots of sence and it’s wonderful that she wants to help.

The gorilla hat she passed out didn’t fit me very well. I’m more of a parrot, if you know what I mean.

(i.e. I repeat things alot)