What students learned from Jason Heinrich ( Arbutus Global 2008)

He was the most like us. He directed it like he was one of us. He has been all around the world seeing the world in a different perspective.
Patience is important to help others, and education is necessary to help developing nations.

He is an extraordinary person and well rounded, as well as kind and patient.

I really liked Jason’s idea about the food being turned into soup and dried food for the needy. It is a wonderful idea to do something like that. After all the food is still edible even if it isn’t cosmetically good enough to be sold in a grocery store.
What really stood out to me was when Jason talked about helping people all over the world and close to home

Some ideas that stood out for me from Jason Heinrich were how he said we need to be educated about international needs.

A speaker that stood out was Jason because he was relitively close to our own age and answered with meaning and thoughtfulness.
I especially enjoyed the presentation from Jason due to the fact that I hope to become an engineer when I grow up and hopefully can help in the world that he has. It was quite an interesting experience being able to meet and ask people that are quite important in the community questions and receiving an answer. Even though I was originally quite nervous to ask a question.
What stood out to me about Jason was education is the action. I think this is important because if we are educated we can do many things. He helped people from West Africa and he travelled to many places and was able to adjust to their cultures.

I was surprised that he could eat different food from different places when they served it to him. I learned about Engineers Without Borders from Jason Heinrich, and how it relates to Doctors without Borders. To meet international needs we need to understand and be educated about whats going on, and not just by one perspective, by many different ones.

The 2 important ideas I learned about you were:
1.That helping people is something that is really good to do and its no that hard.
2.That you adjust to different places by trying to make new friends. And I think that would be really difficult for me, but its something that I want to try now.
3. By listening to you it made me realized that I really would like to go to Africa the same as you and if it is possible I would like to work for the ONU in a few years!