What Arbutus Global students learned from Justin Blanchfield ( 2008)

I thought Justin’s idea about using the ocean to produce renewable energy was cool because I have never heard about it before.

Justin had great ideas for being more energy conserving, but he had no idea how he was going to make the change…

I really liked the interview. When you said that you were trying to extract energy from the ocean, I liked the idea, but I wouldn’t want to put a turbine in the ocean if it would hurt or kill the marine animals and sea life. I liked the phrase that you said that it’s more fun to overcome challenges than giving up. I really understood that part. Thanks again for coming to our school.

Very interesting…I think you have a really awesome occupation! It was great to hear you talking about your different aims for the environment.

I also really like what you said about criticism, how you should not let it affect you too much and to take it and use it in a usefulway. As well, I think that you inspired all of us and for sharing your experience.