Mike Colwill: focused on the solution


    I found what Michael had to say very interesting because I want to persue the same sort of career as him. He is very successful and i think i can learn a lot from him. He manages to balance his social life and business life even though there is often a thin line between the two.
    I found that Mike was pretty honest in his answers,which would make it really helpful to a high school class. An example of his honesty would be saying that high school isn’t as much about learning books etc, but about people skills. His honesty made it easy to ask questions, because you know you’ll get an answer. The thing about Mike’s speech that impacted me was his busy schedule. The commitment that living a life that busy would be really draining, so hearing him talk about staying positive made an impact. This would be hard to do, so I respect him for being able to do it.

  • Mike Colwill, has a very down to earth and chill attitude. I enjoyed listening to his stories on how he got into his job. I really enjoy on how he looks at things in a positive way and tries not to get down on things. I will always remember to focus on end solutions and stay up on things. I was surprised to hear that he wouldn’t be in this industry after 10-20 years because it seems like such a fun job to have. But it also seems to have its downsides on it.

    I  found it very interesting how he went through a number of events    before finding what he really wanted to d

    With his profession in being a business man I found I could relate more. That is something I am looking to go into when I graduate so it was interesting to hear. He told us how he owned a bar and a night club which is something that I think would be a good career path for me to go into. He said something that I wrote down and really remember which was “Be focused on the solution, not the problem” which really opened my eyes. I thought about it and found that I think I usually focus more on the problem and not so much the solution, and would probably be way more beneficial to think about focusing on what I can do to fix it. For Mike’s speech I think the answers could’ve been a little more detailed but other than that I really enjoyed it.

    The interview with Mike Colwill really had my attention. I think i was so interested in what he had to say because i also am not a prize student and I find highschool has taught me many things next to the academics. I agree with him and think socializing can really open up opportunities for you in ways you may not expect it will. Mike seems like an ordinary guy who made things happen for himself in what he knew he was interested in. I believe that Mikes biggest message is even if your not a genius in highschool you can still be a massive success in other fields that you have talent in or find interesting.

    He often made us laugh during the interview. I learned that many questions would come up after we heard the story of the speaker, and that would give us the very details of the answers from the speakers. I like the idea that he would let people talk in front of him before he hires them. And I agreed that people would learn and grow when we do not know anyone, but have to go to awkward situations. I came here by myself and I did not know anyone at all when I entered Stelly’s Secondary School.\

    I thought it was very good how he stated that he draws a clear line between friends and work. i also thought it was cool how he takes naps. Its weird that more people dont take naps. because people get really stressed through the day and it would restart your mind if you had a nap.

    When Mike Colwill was speaking to the class i found i had a lot more questions for him then i thought. Being a young businessman and an entrepreneur he lives an interesting, exciting yet overwhelming life and still he seems to keep it positive. He doesnt let hiring his friends or running two businesses interfere with his success. And i found it interesting that he tried different career plans to get where he is now.

    Mike Colwill was the speaker that spoke to me the most beacuse I would like to go into business someday, and he had lots of tips about the business, like take the oppourtunities that come your way.