Jason Heinrich at Lansdowne-student feedback

I will definitely start to look around me in a different way.
Middle School Student

I liked how forward-moving he was. It seemed like he was more excited to talk about things he’s going to do rather than things he’s already

one of the main things that I got from him is that he’s very aware of how fortunate we are compared to other countries in Africa. We take so much for granted, and he recognized that. After meeting him I will definitely start looking around me in a different way.

Jason Heinrich sounded very well-rounded. Not only does he give his all to pursue his engineering and renewable energy dreams at school and work, but he also is very involved internationally, and cares very much about third-world countries and takes action to set things right. A question that he was asked that interested me very much was “how has traveling to Africa changed how you live today”? I personally think that it’s important to see third-world country needs first-hand to be able to really be inspired to help. I’m passionate myself about helping people in Africa and other countries, and I hope that someday I can go there to experience their life and be triggered to really take action.

During Jason’s interview it was interesting to hear how he was already using his education in engineering in his volunteering and how he can balance his school and other activities including travel.

I was very surprised that he had gone to Africa for four months! I had read that he had gone to Africa in the profile I read on the computer, but I had no idea that it was for that long!