Anne-Marie Daniels at Lansdowne

anne-marie 12Anne-Marie was the most eccentric person out of the bunch. She had so much personality and that was intriguing. Her enthusiasticness made me want to listen. She always makes time for fun in her day, and with any project that she’s trying to accomplish she makes sure there’s a bit of fun in there somewhere. I think that’s brilliant, I’d much rather spend a hard day at work to have something exciting to look forward to at the end, than working hard and then going home.

I really liked all the hats that help explain different concepts and ideas in Annemarie’s presentation. I was really impressed how she had tried to do something to help all the less fortunate kids in a country that wasn’t really what most people think of when they imagine a place where there are lots of kids like that. I was also surprised that there would be so many impoverished kids in Scotland, because I always thought of Scotland as a rich country, like Canada. It made me wonder if there are children like that in Canada too that we just don’t hear about.


I think Anne-Marie was the best speaker personally, because she seemed like the most real person out of the four. She’s a mother and she’s working in the local community, just out of the good of her heart and her interest in helping. All the best to her and her son.


Annemarie Daniels was always very perky and could really comunicate with her audience. She really wanted to give everyone the same chance and always stood by that idea. Her determination and her will or drive to acomplish what she started was amazing. Along with that she seemed to be trying to be looking for new opportunitys to be active in her community. One thing I disagreed with was when she said that she leveled the playing field by using drama and hands on activities, but that makes it harder for those who learn best by reading or listening to lectures, what about thos kids?


What struck me with Annemarie on the other hand was that as well as using her training as a mediator she did not let her education in theatre restrict her to certain activities. The other thing about Annemarie is her unique way of at the beginning of the day looking forward and focusing on the fun things in her day to keep her going, but with me I think that would really stop me from focusing on the less fun things in between.

Annemarie struck me as eccentric, but not at all in a bad way. She seems to have big dreams but at the same time, she figures out rational ways to accomplish those dreams, and follows through with her plans. She always makes time for fun, which I think is a very important thing to do, and she finds good, easy, fun ways to help wherever she is. She has helped in many different communities around the world, and by acting locally in so many different places she can create a global effect.