Royal Oak Middle ( 2013)

These classes are studying these themes…

Diversity, Cultural Identity (Who Am I? Where do I come from? What will I carry with me from my heritage/what do I identify with from the cultures I am part of? Self Identity.

Dr. Lisa Gunderson     View her interview   Read what students learned

PhD in Clinical Psychology

The majority of the work centers around issues that arise around gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and ability status and enhancing communication and understanding regarding stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.

She relocated to Victoria, B.C. in December 2011 from Sacramento, CA. In Sacramento, she was a tenured professor of psychology at Sacramento City College (SCC) from 2003-2012. Prior to her tenure in Sacramento, she was an assistant professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California from 1999-2003.


  • Getting past stereotypes – enjoying variety
  • Moving into new territory
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
  • Relaxation and Stress Management


Lori Appleton    View her interview  What students learned
Lori is an expert in understanding what information construction companies need to bring in new business and follow their competition. She’s run a publishing company that she started over 3 decades ago. From paper based to the internet, the Yellow Sheet has developed a comprehensive industry data base, is regularly featured in the Times Colonist, and is active on Facebook, twitter and blogs … and she’s global. Lori spends the winter in SE Asia and the spring in Europe while staying connected with her staff and her customers. She started her first business venture when she was 12!


  • Working in a man’s world
  • Heroes and mentors
  • Learning from failure
  • Traveling light and on your own
  • Designing a successful life

Wedlidi Speck    View his interview    Read what students learned

Wedlidi Speck is a member of the Namgis First Nation of the
Kwakwaka’wakw cultural group. He brings extensive cross cultural
training experience, leadership and collaboration in a number of
community events and projects. He self-describes as a “bi-cultural
First Nations man caught in the web of contemporary times.” For
more than 18 years Wedlidi served the John Howard Society as an
Aboriginal Therapist working with youth and family. He has had
stints as an Executive Director for the Kwakiutl District Council and
Wachiay Friendship Centre. Wedlidi now works at Ministry of Children and Family Development and holds the position of Director of Aboriginal Service Change. Wedlidi
began working towards the vision of seeing Aboriginal children and
youth living in strong, healthy families and sustainable
communities where they are connected to their culture and
traditions. He is steeped in the tradition of storytelling as a way of
being and brings an amazing energy and freshness to the
extraordinary work he does


  • Finding our story
  • Reframing our experience
  • Changing our path
  • Solving problems
  • Knowing our history
  • Building connections