Jason Heinrich at North Saanich

Jason Heinrich, Engineer, adventurer, volunteer

Jason Heinrich, a junior engineer at DEC Engineering, has traveled a windy path back to Victoria after working and volunteering in Uganda, Rwanda and Abbotsford.

As a student, Jason won many academic awards such as the Top Academic/Governor General’s Award, UVic Excellence Scholarship. His athletic and leadership haves been recognized by the awards for soccer and basketball. After graduating from UVic, Jason was a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford.

For the past year, he has been working to develop renewable energy systems to help build sustainable communities and reduce our carbon footprint.

However, his work with community volunteerism and leadership stands as highlights in his life. Stemming from high school, he has volunteered locally and internationally, applying a lending hand and his educational background from Victoria to East Africa. His personal challenges have included helping close relatives deal with substance issues and handicaps. Learn how he balances his fun with his responsibilities at school and work. Find out what motivates him away from the ordinary in almost every part of his life.


Peak Performance
Finding your passions
Building a sustainable future
Adjusting to new cultures
Meeting international needs

Videos of Interviews:
Interview. Session I

Interview Session II