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Anne-Marie Daniel < view the interview> < What students said about Anne-Marie>

Anne-Marie Daniel is a mother, an artisan , a mediator, a facilitator and a researcher. As a mediator she was responsible for the first five human rights cases in Vermont. In 2000 she moved to the Isle of Skye, Scotland to work with youth in developing their leadership abilities and also helped create a museum in the environment which has helped locals and tourists to learn more about the place they live and feel connected. Overall she’s an idea person, bursting with projects she’d like to take to the next step. Her major concern is closing the loop on garbage so that we can keep our land, air and water healthy for generations to come. She continues to look for new ways to keep important issues in the public eye by creating fun opportunities for people to learn about themselves and their planet. See earlier interview 2013
What students said about her at Claremont.


  • Revolution in a generation
  • Following through on dreams
  • Working internationally from your home town
  • Getting an idea and going for it with passion
  • Biomimicry – a new focus

Rob Wickson < view the interview> < What students said about Rob>
Robert Wickson is a Partner in Discovery Economic Consulting, a consulting firm that provides expert testimony to the Courts and other economic advice.
He has been the President of the Gorge Tillicum Community Association since 2009.
He has been an active member of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce since 1990, holding the positions of Chair of the Environment and Transportation Committees, President (2000).
Mr. Wickson’s previous positions include Chair of the City of Victoria’s Transportation Advisory Committee, Director of the Victoria Green Challenge Society (publisher of the Environews), Director of Smart Growth BC, Treasurer of the Spectrum Job Search Centre, and President of He was President of the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society from 2005 through 2012 and a Director of the Northwest Wildlife Preservation Society, Director of Capital Bike and Walk, and Vice-President of


  • Transforming neighbourhoods or communities
  • Finding your place in a community
  • Helping individuals, families and groups succeed in our community
  • Smart Growth
  • Connecting communities