Community School Interviews

The Better the Question the Better the Story: Overcoming Challenges, Exploring New Possibilities -Helping youth explore how the wider world works

No book or video can touch a person as deeply as a speaker right in front of you, ready to answer your questions
.. grade 11 student


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November 2016, Institute for Global Solutions
April 2015, UVic Geography
October 2015  Institute for Global Solutions
January  Series 2015 at Arbutus Global Middle School.
February Series 2014 at Arbutus Global Middle School
Fall Series 2013 at Royal Oak Middle School
Series at Royal Oak Middle School
Series at Arbutus Global Middle School ( including video  of each interview)
Series for a high school tourism class.

Line up for our Series at Lansdowne Middle School on the Oil Sands and Enbridge
The line up for a  Series for all Grade 6’s in Saanich


Community School Interviews is a registered charitable organization that  provides youth a unique opportunity to develop their skills of personal inquiry while asking their own questions of intriguing guests from industry, community and business organizations.

The CSInterviews School Series come to teachers’ classrooms and takes place in the context of regular class outcomes. Assessment and evaluation of student involvement is built in to the process.

Updated Nov 9.2016


  1. Sophie says:

    Sarah Webb – two ideas that stood out for me
    – Generation G and collarborating for a post carbon
    – Ways you can help the enviroment in your own
    personal life, like eating local foods and limting car

    Vic Derman – two ideas that stood out for me
    – How a councillor can affect the lives of students and
    parents, like parks, zoning, roads, schools, etc
    – Opinions on climate change

    Elizabeth May – two ideas that stood out for me
    – Plans for future and what it means to be green
    – What it is like to be a politician

  2. Platypus says:

    The interview was really fun. I had a very good time and I learned many new things. I hope that there is going to be more of this type of activities like students for myself.
    I hope that the green party will be able to get some seats in the house of commons the next time.
    I also want to hope that Vic Derman can continue to succeed as a city counciller for Saanich.
    I learned that it is better to transport on foot or bicycle. You could carpool if you are living farther away. Thankyou so much for coming to Arbutus I know that you are all very busy people I hope you enjoyed getting the interview as much as we enjoyed giving the interview

  3. Connor says:

    She had Very Good Answers Sarah always bikes she is also a mother,
    She Dose not eat food that is far away because of travel such as banana`s because they are from Africa
    And she was my favorite. because i trired to think of the hardest question and Sarah Gave me a good Response.

  4. neoyeyh says:

    Sarah Webb- two ideas that stood out

    -She told us that we had to work together to make our economy green.

    -To make things green, it is not about getting everything100%, it is about trying to do everything I can do.