Welcome to ConversationWorks

ConversationWorks’ mission is to help individuals, business​ and organizations find common ground by ​engaging  with their world through authentic conversation.

We help strengthen your work teams,  unlock the stories, capacities and experience that lie just below the surface in any conversation, in  any organization.

Our latest initiative is training staff to be Travelers In Your Own Town — Conversation Artists able to engage with strangers and colleagues alike in fresh ways. Our month-long training program  includes a practicum where participants develop new skills, and the courage to discover the  resources that lie just below the surface.

Another part of our practice….

The Better the Question the Better the Story:   An interactive, highly engaging experience to explore themes important to yourself and colleagues.

Christopher Bowers has been facilitating Community School Interview Series for over  fifteen years for  students, school personnel, government and business groups.

‘No book or video can touch a person as deeply as a speaker right in front of you, ready to answer your questions. ‘

You will see the power and  ROI of asking good questions in a compressed period of time. It will help enhance your office culture and personal lives.  The three brief interviews you’ll take part of in, are the beginning a larger, more vital conversation in your work life, and beyond.
Here are a few samples.


We would love to help if you’ve experienced these challenges:

Conversations that go nowhere
Feel uncomfortable in how to initiate or respond to a conversation?
Uneasiness when you go into social situations
Unsure if staff understand what you are about< !–more–>

We offer

To help people and organizations understand and to use  new tools and models of communication.
Fresh tools for interpersonal and corporate communication training
Workshops on the power of personal story.
Training on how to become video story catchers.
Video  story catching at conferences, events, or for individual promotions
A monthly mixer for those interested  in building sustainable communities and business
An extensive collection of video interviews from various conferences and community events


ConversationWorks is the brand of Community School Interviews Society, a registered charity.


If you have any questions  about any of  our projects, please contact us